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TeethXpress® uses dental implant technology to restore missing teeth. Patients with multiple lost teeth can regain dental functions and their smile’s appearance by opting for this process. Dental implants remain the most natural and reliable way to replace missing teeth. Continue reading to know if this option may be the best choice for you.

Reasons to consider TeethXpress

TeethXpress can replace the entire upper or lower teeth in a single procedure. The dentist will place four to six implants at specifically determined points along the dental arch. The implants will fuse with the jawbone and become stable enough to support a full-arch dental prosthesis. Dental implants are built to last a lifetime. They are more stable than other teeth replacement options and help preserve the jawbone and gum tissues. The following are reasons to choose TeethXpress.

Prevent additional dental issues

Losing a few teeth increases the risk of developing oral issues such as gum disease. The excessive bacterial presence can cause cavities in other teeth. Also, jawbone resorption is a major issue that may cause premature aging due to sagging facial skin. Some of these issues require invasive dental procedures to correct.

The teeth roots keep the jawbone alive. Bone tissue loses its form once the roots are lost. The implants used with TeethXpress restore the stimulation needed to keep the tissue alive. They can also prevent oral issues that tend to accompany teeth loss.

Prevent the need for other procedures

Replacing one missing tooth only involves placing one implant. However, if the jawbone in that area of the oral cavity has depleted, then the dentist might recommend a bone grafting procedure to provide adequate support for the dental implant.

With TeethXpress, there is less demand on the jaw because the multiple implants can handle the pressure from the dental restoration. The implants are positioned at points where there is enough jawbone. For most patients, the TeethXpress procedure is all that is needed to get a new and natural-looking smile.

Have cost-effectiveness and functionality

Having multiple missing teeth can make people self-conscious of their appearance. TeethXpress can give patients renewed confidence in their smile. Also, they will be able to eat whatever meals they desire without the prosthesis slipping around.

Unlike traditional tooth replacements that need to be replaced or repaired, patients can expect to have their implant restoration for the rest of their lives. The implants essentially become part of their oral cavity. The dental prosthesis on the implant may not last as long and may eventually need to be replaced. However, the option is still highly cost-effective compared to less costly options that require regular adjustments or replacement.

Visit the dentist for TeethXpress

You can get a new smile in a day, regardless of the extent of teeth loss. Book an appointment with the dentist to know if you are eligible for this innovative procedure. The dentist will work with you to give you the best option to restore your smile.

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