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If you are thinking about changing dentists or recently changed providers or locations and need a new dentist, take some time during the search process. Look closely, do your homework and you will eventually find a gentle and friendly dentist. Here is exactly what you should look for to find the best dentist for your sensitive mouth.

Communication is Key

Part of keeping a patient comfortable is understanding his or her unique comfort needs. The best dentists are willing to listen to patient concerns and requests. There should be a dialogue between the patient and the dentist that is open at all times. This way, the dentist can understand the patient’s fears and do what is necessary to make the patient relaxed.

Steady and Reliable

Meet with the dentist, read online reviews and speak with former/current patients. Find out if the dentist is reliable, patient and has a steady hand.

Focused on the Details

The dentist should pay particular attention to the subtleties of your unique fears, nervousness, and discomfort. If your dentist keys in on keeping you comfortable, pays close attention to detail when working on the teeth and gums and has ample dexterity, your treatment will prove to be a success.

Look for a Positive Personality

When you meet with dentists and read reviews, zero in on the personality. A positive, personable and courteous dentist will likely keep you comfortable and apply treatment in a gentle manner. A happy dentist with a positive outlook will certainly go a long way in easing your nerves and helping you make it through your dental treatment without an issue.

A Warm and Welcoming Staff

Part of the experience at the dentist’s office is what happens in the time before and after being treated by the dentist. The staff should be inviting, friendly and attentive. A fun atmosphere will go a long way in putting a nervous little one in a happy and relaxed mood. So pay attention to the staff when you call and visit. Their friendliness might not matter as much as how gentle the dentist is but it certainly plays a part in the total experience.

Consider the Lighting

The lighting of the dentist office matters in the patient experience. You will inevitably feel more tense and uncomfortable in a space with high lights, especially if they are fluorescent. Give bonus points to a dentist who uses warm and indirect lighting to make patients that much more at ease.

An Appealing Personality

If you are especially nervous about dental treatment it will help for the dentist to have a personality that puts you at ease. The dentist should provide care, communicate important information, welcome questions and proceed through the operation at a comfortable pace.

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