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Living with dental veneers is likely much easier than you assume. Just about nobody will be able to tell you have veneers on your teeth. However, you will not hesitate to laugh, smile or talk in public as you know your mouth will look perfectly normal. Here is a closer look at what life is like with dental veneers.

A Couple Minor Alterations Will be Necessary

Once you have your veneers, one of your first concerns will be about what you can eat. Most veneers are strong and durable to the point that they can be exposed to the pressure of eating something as rigid as an apple and not have a problem. However, when in doubt, always opt for the softer food. It also will not hurt to follow up your eating or drinking with a quick rinse of water. If you have the time, go ahead and brush and floss your teeth after each meal.

Do not Stress out About Your Veneers

A large part of living with veneers is proceeding as if they are not in your mouth. There is little to worry about so do not stress out. You might even accidentally bite into a hard piece of bone with your veneers and find them to be unharmed. In general, veneers are quite resilient. They will make it through most instances without a problem.

Dental Veneers Require Some Care

Your oral hygiene is important to the condition and functionality of your dental veneers. Brush and floss at least twice per day at a bare minimum. Though veneers themselves are not inclined to decay, it is possible for the underlying tooth to decay. This is why the teeth and gums must be well-cleaned and healthy. The veneers need this reliable ground to stay in tip-top shape. Do your part by maintaining high-quality oral hygiene and avoiding biting hard objects. Biting anything from ice to your fingernails has the potential to cause unnecessary wear and tear on your veneers. Even opening a plastic package with your teeth can damage your veneers.

Sweat the Small Stuff

The details matter a great deal in the context of dental veneers. As an example, you should strictly use a non-abrasive toothpaste or one with baking soda. Do not use a toothpaste labeled with “extra whitening” as it might prove abrasive. Another example of another subtlety in terms of caring for veneers is that all mouthwashes should be avoided. These rinses can soften the bond of porcelain. If you know or suspect you grind your teeth at night, let your dentist know so he can provide a night guard to place over your teeth when sleeping so they do not wear away at the veneer surface.

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