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Patients often report an increased level of confidence after going through Invisalign treatment with an Invisalign® dentist. You can make an informed decision about this treatment by learning more about what an Invisalign dentist does and the role they play throughout the treatment process.

The role that an Invisalign dentist plays in the treatment process

Invisalign is a brand-name method of teeth straightening. It is well-known for its ability to straighten patients’ smiles discreetly, whereas traditional braces are highly noticeable. The quality of care during Invisalign treatment often depends on how well the Invisalign dentist assists the patient throughout treatment.

What is an Invisalign dentist?

An Invisalign dentist is a licensed dental professional who offers Invisalign treatment for patients. They typically offer a range of other services as well, including diagnostic, preventive, and restorative care. They may recommend Invisalign treatment to improve cosmetic imperfections, deal with oral health concerns, or prevent any issues from developing in the future.

What to expect on the first visit

The first visit with the Invisalign dentist gives the patient and the dentist the chance to get to know one another and decide on the best treatment plan. The dentist may perform an oral examination, order dental X-rays, and conduct other diagnostic tests to determine if any procedures are required before beginning Invisalign (e.g., cavity fillings). The dentist may also take a dental impression on the first visit, which will be used to create the Invisalign aligners.

A step-by-step guide to Invisalign treatment

Once the first aligners are ready, the patient can return to the Invisalign dentist to begin treatment. The patient is required to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours each day or as directed by the dentist. The patient returns periodically to replace their current aligners with new ones as teeth shift into the proper position. Once the ideal alignment of the teeth and jaw is achieved, then the patient can wear a retainer to keep their smile straight for the long term.

Regular visits to the Invisalign dentist

The dentist is required to visit the Invisalign dentist regularly throughout treatment to replace the aligners. This also gives the Invisalign dentist the opportunity to check on the patient’s oral health and determine if there are any concerns that need to be addressed.

Follow-up care with the Invisalign dentist

After Invisalign treatment, the patient must wear their retainer to prevent their teeth from shifting back to where they were. The dentist may also provide oral care instructions to ensure that the teeth remain strong and cavity-free after treatment is complete.

Speak with our Invisalign dentist about treatment

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