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Denture repair usually involves fixing the framework of your dentures. There are various issues that can come up with your dentures, but tooth repair is the most common one.

It is recommended that you repair your denture as soon problems arise since this reduces the chances of the issue getting worse.

Here are some reasons why it is important to get professional denture repair when your dentures are damaged:

1. Saves money

Just like all dental appliances (braces for example), dentures will eventually require repair at one point. For instance, the denture could break or begin to erode. Postponing a visit to the dentist is more likely to lead to a complete replacement of the dentures that will cost the patient more money than seeking regular repairs. That is a good reason to deal with cracked or loosened dentures as soon as the damage occurs.

2. Relieves discomfort

More often than not, denture fractures occur as a result of poor fitting. When someone bites and chews with the denture, the material the dentures consist of can sometimes sustain micro fractures. This is even more likely to occur when the lower set and the upper set do not align properly.

Fractures will, therefore, start to appear due to the fact that too much uneven pressure is being applied to a particular area, eventually causing the break which will reveal the crack. A professional repair will not only save the patient from the discomfort that broken dentures bring about but also prevent them from falling off every time the patient speaks or eats.

3. Improves oral health

Broken dentures are unappealing to the eye. It is also harmful to the gums and jawbone. Once the clasps become loose, they adversely rub against the gums, leading to irritation. Repairing the dentures helps a patient avoid all this.

Damaged dentures also lead to other oral issues like:

  • Difficulty in biting or chewing
  • Misalignment of remaining teeth
  • Reduction of bone density in the jaw

Furthermore, denture repairs reduce the chances of contracting gingivitis. This is a gum disease which is characterized by swollen gums and constant bleeding. The presence of well-maintained dentures will prevent tooth loss and the patient will not have to limit the foods he or she eats.

4. Restores your smile

We recommend that patients go in for denture repair if the dentures require polishing, cleaning or realigning. We can remove most stains and discolorations when visiting a dentist. The overall result is a refined facial appearance and an improvement in the way the patient speaks since the self-confidence goes up.

We will advise the patient on how to maintain the dentures. This is quite essential for first-time wearers who have no experience maintaining dentures. However, as much as maintenance is important for these dental appliances, the dentures will eventually wear out with time.

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