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Every house should have a family dental first aid kit. This kit will prove quite helpful if you or your family member endure an accident or a dental emergency. Let’s take a look at the importance of having a family dental first aid kit and delve into what it should contain.

Dental first aid kit for your family

Why Family Dental First Aid Kits are Necessary

Dental issues can pop up without warning. If you experience a dental emergency or an accident that damages the teeth or gums, you need a family dental first aid kit readily available. You do not need an elaborate or fancy box for your family dental first aid kit. Rather, any sturdy box will suffice. Here is a look at what should be inside of your family dental first aid kit.

A Dental Mirror

There will be some dental problems and emergencies you cannot see with the naked eye. A dental mirror will certainly help.  A dental mirror empowers you to see injuries and causes of pains in the rear of the mouth or in spaces behind the front teeth. If your dental mirror helps you identify the cause of the issue, it will be that much easier to treat the injured portion of the mouth.

A Toothbrush

Every family dental first aid kit should include a high-quality toothbrush. This toothbrush will help clean the affected portion of the mouth. In fact, keeping several toothbrushes in the kit is prudent. Opt for toothbrushes with soft bristles to ensure maximum comfort.


If food is stuck between the teeth, it can cause significant pain that resembles a toothache. Your family dental first aid kit should contain floss so such food particles can loosen between the teeth and knocked out of your mouth altogether.

Salt Gargle

Water combined with sea salt will certainly help clean and disinfect the mouth. Gargling with salt water also helps clear blood and bacteria in the mouth. Clearing away these two trouble-makers will dramatically reduce the chances of an infection.

So be sure to keep a little bottle of salt gargle in your family dental first aid kit. It will come in handy to keep the injured portion of the mouth clean and free from infection.

Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes will help clean the site of injury. This immediate cleaning is that much more important if there is debris or dirt in the wound as such wipes can prevent infection.

Rubber Gloves

Add some latex gloves and vinyl gloves to your kit. This way, if the person in question has a latex allergy, you will be able to lend assistance without making matters worse. Gloves are necessary to prevent exposure to blood that might carry viruses.


Do not add aspirin to your kit, but choose ibuprofen. Aspirin thins the blood, making it that much harder for a protective clot to form.

Cold Compress

Add a cold compress to your kit so you do not have to bother rushing to the freezer to find one.

Topical Anesthetic

A topical anesthetic will dull the pain stemming from soft tissue damage. All it takes is a simple application with a cotton swab to provide instant relief.

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