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If you are wondering how to prevent bad breath, do not feel bad. You are not alone. Millions of people are also searching for ways to prevent bad breath.  Far too often, people struggle with chronic bad breath that does not seem to go away easily. Here are some of the effective approaches to freshening your breath and ultimately bolstering your confidence.

Ways to freshen your breath

A Lack of or Insufficient Oral Hygiene Will Lead to Halitosis

Poor oral hygiene leads to the buildup of bacteria on the gums and teeth. The teeth have no means of cleaning themselves. If microorganisms cling to the teeth and remain in place for an extended period of time, they will develop into biofilm or dental plaque.

The plaque will gather along the gum line, harden and start to wear away at the teeth and surrounding tissue. Bacteria, plaque and tooth decay will make your breath smell terrible.

The Failure to Rinse With Mouthwash can Lead to Foul-smelling Breath

Be sure to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial, anticavity mouthwash containing fluoride. Rinse with such a mouthwash for at least half a minute to a full minute. While mouthwash alone will not be effective in cleaning the teeth, it can help keep one’s breath clean.

Keep some mouthwash in your desk drawer or school locker so you can rinse your mouth after eating lunch. It is worth noting many mouth rinses contain alcohol. Some avoid alcohol-based mouth rinses as alcohol will dry out the mouth and make halitosis that much worse.

Stay Hydrated to Prevent Bad Breath

Remaining hydrated makes it that much easier to maintain a fresh, lovely-smelling mouth. If dry mouth occurs, saliva will not form.  Saliva is necessary to thwart bacteria responsible for tooth decay and bad breath. Drink water throughout the day to flush bacteria, food particles and other unsavory particles out of your mouth.

Consume Foods That do not Smell Bad

The quest to prevent bad breath is often as simple as altering dietary intake. The consumption of foods like garlic, onions and fish will exacerbate halitosis. This is due to the fact that foods, like garlic and onion, have odorous sulfur compounds. Even the acid in coffee and juice can provide bacteria with the optimal environment for breeding that subsequently leads to halitosis.

Sickness can Cause Bad Breath

In some cases, preventing bad breath is as simple as getting healthy.  Certain diseases and illnesses cause halitosis.  Those who suffer from metabolic disorders, respiratory tract infections, liver disease, lung disease, kidney disease or diabetes are especially prone to foul breath. In some cases, bronchitis, polyps, sinusitis and post nasal drip will alter the way in which airways function to contribute to bad breath.

Consume Vitamin C to Prevent Bad Breath

Research shows a diet rich in foods and beverages containing vitamin C is excellent for halitosis prevention. Even taking a vitamin C supplement will help keep your breath fresh. Vitamin C halts the production of bacteria in the mouth that causes foul-smelling breath.  Furthermore, most foods containing vitamin C also have fiber that helps with digestion and overall biological health.

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