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It is not always necessary to remove a tooth damaged due to decay, oral trauma or infection. Most dentists can restore the tooth with the help of a crown. But the latest crown technology does not require weeks to restore your marred smile. This technology has come to be known as CEREC which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic.

Did you know…?

This crown is made in the same room as you entered for check- up and you can leave the room flaunting your renewed smile wearing this all porcelain made crown. The dentist can create and customize this crown right before your eyes. You only make one visit, and the dentist takes care of all your dental dilemmas from impressions to insertions in the same visit.

The CEREC technology fits perfectly according to everyone’s need for providing inlays, veneers, and other similar procedures all in one day without having to wear temporaries for days. A CEREC crown saves from multiple appointments since the impression does not need to go to a lab for manufacturing. The exact procedure with which the CEREC crown works involve;

The Procedure of a CEREC Crown

The latest CEREC technology involves creating a permanent restoration crown by taking an exact image of the damaged tooth. The dentist scans the teeth to take a digital impression. After transferring this image to the computer, special CEREC software is used to design the restoration details digitally. The precise method involves not only shaping each contour and curve perfectly but also matching the exact tooth shade.

The perfectly specified structure then goes to the CEREC machine for the milling, and the entire procedure is done in the dentist’s clinic there and then. The crown requires a little more shaping and then it is all set for the dentist to set on the tooth. The CEREC crown goes onto the tooth in the following 15 minutes, and you leave your dentist’s place carrying a perfect smile.  The best part about a CEREC crown is the immediacy with which it works and become functional. A couple of hours and only one visit to get the job is only one of the many advantages this latest technology offers.

Benefits of CEREC Crown

  1. Nothing can beat the one-visit benefit of the CEREC crown over the traditional methods. It saves a huge amount of time and energy, and the restoration takes place without the need to be sent to a lab.
  2. The crown that is to stay with you has placed on your damaged teeth right away and saves you from the trouble of wearing temporaries.
  3. The discomfort associated with impression taking procedure is no more a problem because the latest CEREC technology uses digital imaging to scan the tooth of a patient.
  4. They prepare CEREC crown from ceramic which is anti-abrasive, plaque resistant and compatible with mouth tissue, as opposed to old metal crowns.

As you can see from my experience, a CEREC crown is definitely a superior option to conventional dental crowns.

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