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As dental veneers gain more popularity, you may have heard about someone’s veneers popping off. The phenomenon is called a “debond” and occurs if the affected tooth was excessively reduced or prepared during the veneer placement procedure. Continue reading know what to do if dental veneers come off the teeth.

Why dental veneers pop off

Porcelain veneers are permanently bonded to the tooth enamel, so the only way to take off a correctly bonded porcelain veneer is to cut it away. However, some dentists sometimes remove tooth much tooth structure when prepping the teeth for veneers.

If a significant portion of the enamel structure is removed, the dentist will eventually bond the veneer to the dentin. The dentin lacks the retention power present in the enamel and cannot withstand the same level of pressure consistently as enamel does. The existing enamel, the exposed dentin and the porcelain veneer need appropriate treatment to prevent the veneer from debonding.

Handling a damaged veneer

The following are steps to take if a veneer pops off:

Store the veneers safely

It is possible to reattach the veneer, depending on the cause of detachment. The veneer should be wrapped in tissue or cotton and stored in a plastic container. Patients must avoid leaving the veneer in their pocket, on the desk or other surfaces as they can easily get damaged without proper protection. If the veneer is broken, there is no point in saving it.

Contact your dentist

Patients must book an appointment with a dentist as soon as they can. When they visit the dental office, the dentist will check the tooth and determine whether they can successfully reattach the veneer. If the veneer did not pop off in one piece, the dentist would remove the remaining portion. In some cases, one may need another veneer even if the old one is not broken. It may take some time for the dental lab to produce a replacement veneer.

Minimize sensitivity

After losing a veneer, the tooth will be more sensitive to foods and drinks that are hot, cold or sweet. Removing the enamel during veneer placement can make the teeth more sensitive. Before meeting with the dentist, patients can put a small portion of dental wax or chewing gum over their teeth.

Preventing veneer failures

Every step of the veneer placement procedure is crucial and must be followed, even if a patient’s anxiety and the dentist’s lack of experience can make the process more challenging. The bite is perhaps one of the most vital elements to control to prevent the failure of dental veneers. The bite is how the teeth align against each other when closed for eating or clenching. A good bite design should remove damaging forces from the veneers while protecting the temporomandibular joints and chewing muscles.

Also, avoid bad oral habits such as nail-biting and using the teeth as a tool. A night guard can protect the teeth from grinding, and alcohol-based mouthwashes are not advisable because they weaken the adhesives used to hold veneers.

The bottom line

Try not to panic if your dental veneers pop off. Call your family dentist immediately to book an appointment.

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