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3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About a Smile Makeover

3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About a Smile Makeover
BY MarieTta rosswell dental Care

If you are thinking of getting a smile makeover, you probably have concerns about the process. A smile makeover requires one or multiple treatment procedures, and it is helpful to learn everything you can about it before committing to the treatment. Your dentist will be happy to answer your questions and address whatever concerns you have.

3 Questions to ask a dentist before a smile makeover

The following are questions to ask your dentist about a smile makeover:

1. What treatments will be included?

The dentist will develop a treatment plan after consulting with the patient. The procedures in the plan are selected based on the condition of the patient’s oral health and the goals they have. Some people may simply want to revitalize the look of their smile or improve previous dental work, while others may want an extensive smile makeover. Common treatments include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants and gum recontouring.Dental technology has witnessed significant innovations in recent years. It is now possible to correct virtually any dental issue with a smile makeover procedure, ranging from uneven and disproportional teeth to broken, discolored and chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers are great for repairing and strengthening a tooth with structural impairment. Teeth whitening is a popular procedure for safely and effectively brightening the smile. If the smile looks "gummy" or uneven, then gum recontouring might be the answer.

2. What can be done to make the smile makeover results last longer?

It is not reasonable to invest time and resources into transforming the smile if it will not last long enough. Although dental treatments will not last forever, the dentist should be skillful enough to provide lasting options for a smile makeover.It is a lot more difficult for the results of a smile makeover to stay aesthetically appealing for five to 10 years. The dentist should provide an acceptable explanation of how they plan to ensure that their patients enjoy a lasting and beautiful smile. This includes choosing more durable materials and providing detailed instructions for caring and maintaining dental restorations.

3. Will the results of the procedure look natural?

It is also important to get a clear idea of what to expect after treatment commences. Patients need to ask what their smile will look like after a smile makeover. The dentist will try their best to improve the smile and keep it looking natural. However, the degree of the smile’s cosmetic appeal and the natural look depends mostly on the dentist’s skills and experience.Patients should get an experienced dentist to have access to more treatment options. An experienced dentist will consider the patient’s objectives for treatment, as well as their oral health and functional needs. The treatment plan is created using those factors to ensure the results look appealing and natural. The dentist may also provide before and after pictures of patients with related cases.

In conclusion

A dentist can transform your smile with a smile makeover. However, you need to learn all you can during your initial consultation appointment so that you can plan for the treatment. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment.Request an appointment here: or call Marietta Roswell Dental Care at (770) 993-2657 for an appointment in our Roswell office.

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