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Mouth Breathing Negatively Affects Your Oral Health

Mouth Breathing Negatively Affects Your Oral Health
BY MarieTta rosswell dental Care

One thing that many people may not realize is that breathing in and out of your mouth is not the best thing to do, especially when it comes to their oral health. Although for some it is a habit or the person has terrible nasal congestion, either way, it can have an impact on the person’s oral health as well.However, continued mouth breathing can cause some concerns and negatively affect a person’s teeth, gums and oral health over the long-term. In this article, we will look at some of the ways mouth breathing can have a negative impact on a person’s oral health. Having this knowledge is a great step on the road to recovering from this harmful habit.

Information about mouth breathing

What are the signs of mouth breathing?

Some people may not realize that they breathe out of their mouth. However, there are some signs that this is happening and can help a person achieve and understand if they may be breathing out of their mouth more than they realize.The most common signs of mouth breathing include:

  • Dry or cracked lips
  • Teeth that are crowded together
  • Snoring or breathing out of their mouth while they are asleep
  • An increased amount of infections, especially in the ear, nose and throat

If you think that you have been breathing out of your mouth more often or have been told so by a friend or family member, then one of the best things you can do is talk to your dentist. Many times they can get to the root of the problem to help you overcome the issue and keep your oral health at the best possible level.

What causes mouth breathing?

One of the most common reasons that someone breathes out of their mouth is due to a medical condition called chronic nasal obstruction (CNO). It makes it harder for a person to naturally breathe out of their nose, so they begin breathing out of their mouth instead.Sadly, when this occurs there can be many issues that arise with the person’s oral health. Because the need for saliva in the mouth is vital for a person’s oral health, mouth breathing can cause the mouth to be dry and not produce enough saliva.Because of the lack of saliva in the mouth, there is an increased chance of bacteria growing. This also increases the likelihood of tooth decay setting in and cavities forming. Although most people may not realize it, saliva is vital for helping to keep a person’s mouth clean and bacteria free.

Have more questions about mouth breathing and oral health?

Contact our office today and we can help you understand how mouth breathing can affect your teeth, gums and overall oral health. We can guide you to a life without mouth breathing, to ensure the long-term quality of your oral health.We are always ready to answer any questions you may have and help inform you about making the best decisions for your oral health. Give our office a call, today!Request an appointment here: or call Marietta Roswell Dental Care at (770) 993-2657 for an appointment in our Roswell office.

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