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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftercare

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Aftercare
BY MarieTta rosswell dental Care

Although the patient may not feel much discomfort during the procedure itself, there is typically discomfort that exists during wisdom teeth extraction aftercare. However, patients can manage the discomfort through good oral hygiene, eating a proper diet and following all instructions provided by the dentist.

How to recover after wisdom teeth extraction

The key to aftercare following wisdom teeth extraction is keeping the symptoms manageable and preventing irritation or infection. The following are useful insights from a dentist on how to make a fast and full recovery after wisdom teeth extraction so you can get back to doing the things you love in no time.

Managing pain and swelling

One of the primary concerns a patient will have during recovery is managing the pain and swelling. There are several ways to keep the pain level to a minimal level. One great way is through taking over-the-counter pain relief medication as directed by the dentist. This can keep swelling down as well as help with pain management. Additionally, using an ice pack and numbing gel can keep the affected area feeling better by reducing swelling and numbing the pain. It is also important to avoid anything that might irritate the area, such as eating hard foods.

Reducing the risk of an infection

Preventing an oral infection is perhaps more important than managing the pain and swelling after wisdom teeth extraction. Unfortunately, the risk of infection is higher after wisdom teeth removal, and it is important to take action to reduce this risk. One way to reduce the risk is to reduce the bacteria in the mouth. Simple ways of achieving this are by drinking water throughout the day to wash away bacteria and food particles, using a saltwater rinse to clean the mouth and avoiding foods that are high in sugar.

Eating an appropriate diet

Patients can expect to make necessary dietary changes after wisdom teeth extraction. This is because eating will become more difficult as the mouth is sore, swollen and there will be discomfort. Instead of eating hard foods and foods that are either hot or cold, eating softer foods such as oatmeal, yogurt and smoothies is a great alternative. As mentioned, substituting coffee, tea and soft drinks for water and sipping on water throughout the day can help, as well.

Avoiding irritation or contact

Dentists most often recommend the patient take it easy for a day or two following wisdom teeth extraction. One reason they recommend this is to avoid irritating the affected area. Be sure to limit or avoid physical activities, protect teeth from grinding by wearing a mouthguard and use ice packs and other pain and swelling techniques to keep the affected area from becoming irritated.

Find out more wisdom teeth aftercare tips

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