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Implant-supported dentures might be part of a full mouth reconstruction. These restorations combine two of the most popular oral prosthetics used in dentistry: implants and dentures.

Implants are the most recommended way to replace missing teeth since they are the only restoration that replaces the roots of lost teeth. One of the few downsides associated with implants is how long the entire process can take.

Dentures are also used often in dentistry and they are the most economical way to replace missing teeth during a full mouth reconstruction. The main problem that comes with dentures is the lack of stability, which can lead to the restoration moving while worn, irritating soft tissues in the mouth.

It only makes sense to combine dentures and implants to provide patients with a missing teeth solution that is affordable and as stable as implants. This combination is known as implant-supported dentures and it is a popular choice for a full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction with implant-supported dentures

The process of a full mouth reconstruction usually involves combining multiple dental treatments to restore the function and appearance of damaged teeth. The treatment starts with an examination from a dentist who evaluates the patient’s dental issues. The dentist then draws up a customized treatment plan that addresses all of the patient’s needs, starting with the ones that require urgent attention.

The process

Once a patient has been cleared for a full mouth reconstruction, the dentist will set a date for the installation of the implants. During this procedure, the dentist will administer a shot of a local anesthetic. Then, they will make an incision in the patient’s mouth. The dentist will then drill small holes into the patient’s jaw, which is where the implants are placed. About four to six implants are inserted into each half of the patient’s jaw when installing implant-supported dentures.

The implants are pushed into these holes until they are held in place by bone tissues surrounding them. The dentist then closes up any incisions made to end the first stage of the process. The implants will be given up to six months to fuse with bone tissues around them in a process known as osseointegration. Once that process is completed, the dentist will attach the dentures to the implants, thus completing the full mouth reconstruction.

Benefits of implant-supported dentures

People who choose implant-supported dentures for their full mouth reconstruction will get to reap the following benefits:

  • Preservation of bone tissue in the jaw
  • The appliance is more secure and stable in the mouth
  • Cost-friendly
  • Permanently fixed implant-supported dentures do not require any special care. Good oral hygiene is enough to keep the restoration in good condition
  • Dental adhesives are not necessary

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