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Many patients that need dental crowns decide to pursue same day crowns due to the convenience of getting all of their dental work done in a single appointment. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that fully encases the visible portion of a tooth and is used to repair cavities or restore breakage. A dental crown may also be used to strengthen a weak tooth or improve an unattractive appearance. With crowns playing such an important role in dental restoration, it is natural to have questions about same-day crowns and the materials used.

Crown material 101

Same-day crowns are appealing to patients because it is much easier to fit a single dental appointment into a busy schedule. Other crown types require two appointments often separated by a few weeks. The one limitation on same-day crowns, however, is that patients are restricted to a single material type when choosing this convenient option.

What material is used?

A crown made in a single day is created only from ceramic, while traditional crowns can be made from other materials such as porcelain, metal or resin.

Does the material look natural?

Ceramic crowns can be color-matched to the surrounding teeth. Same-day crowns fit snugly around the tooth and provide a beautiful, natural smile.

How long will the material last?

Same-day crowns are a long-lasting solution for damaged, worn or discolored teeth. The average length of time that one lasts is approximately 10 years.

Are there any disadvantages to ceramic?

Since same day crowns are made of ceramic, they tend to be less durable than metal and porcelain crowns. Clenching and teeth grinding are the most common reasons that crowns wear down or break.

Understanding the same-day crown procedure

The procedure begins with the removal of any tooth decay. This is followed by shaping of the tooth structure to allow a crown to fit. Next, the dentist will take digital images of the mouth using a camera that is smaller than the point of a ballpoint pen. Using a computer, the dentist creates a 3D image of the tooth and designs the crown. A milling machine carves a replica out of a ceramic block to create the crown. The milling can take about 30 minutes to complete but depends on the machine. Finally, the dentist fits and bonds the newly made crown to the tooth.

Same-day crown benefits

A single visit for a crown provides the following benefits:

  • Allows the dentist to preserve more of the original tooth when decay is present
  • Restores the smile’s appearance quickly
  • Prevents injuries that can occur in between appointments for traditional crowns
  • Restores speech and eating immediately

Post-procedure considerations

During the first 24 hours after the appointment, patients should avoid sticky foods to make sure the new crown is fully bonded. The gums around the tooth can be sore for a few days following the procedure. Patients may also experience tooth sensitivity for several days.

To care for new crowns, it is important to continue to brush and floss daily. Regular dental cleanings and checkups should also be maintained to promote good oral health.


Same day crowns are an effective way of restoring teeth in just a few hours. If you’re interested in learning more, discuss your options with your dentist.

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