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Dental implant crowns are becoming a popular option for replacing your missing teeth. This procedure can restore your smile. Find out more about how dental implants can make long-lasting dental crowns possible.

Dental implants and dental crowns

In order to place the dental implant crown, the dentist must first place the dental implant. Read on to learn more about the implants and crowns.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants can be thought of as artificial roots for missing teeth. When a dental implant is placed, it begins to bond with the jawbone. It becomes a stable base for supporting the new crowns.

An abutment is placed on top of the implant to provide support and hold the new dental implant crown. The crowns are crafted specifically for the person receiving the implants to match the rest of the teeth, so the crown can fit properly.

How long will a dental implant last?

Usually, dental implants do not need replacing. The metal post inserted into the jawbone during the surgery is engineered to replace the roots of the teeth.

Once the patient’s body accepts the new dental implant, new bone will begin to grow around the post. When it heals in the jawbone, the implant can stay healthy and sturdy for life.

Dental implant crowns

Once the metal post that was inserted into the jawbone is completely healed, it is time for the dentist to place a dental crown on the end of it.

The purpose of a dental implant crown

It is typically made of ceramic and is intended to cover up the new “root” that is a dental implant. The dental crown is designed to protect the implant as well as give the appearance of a normal tooth.

How long will a dental implant crown last?

Though the dental implant inserted into the jawbone can last for a lifetime, the dental implant crown will eventually need replacing. In some cases, a dental implant crown can last between 10-15 years. With proper care, the crown can last even longer.

During checkups, the dentist will check on the shape of the dental crown and make suggestions for when it needs to be replaced.

Caring for dental implants and implant crowns

Just like a natural smile, dental implants and dental implant crowns need proper care in order to ensure longevity. They should be cared for in the same way that one would take care of their teeth.

Brushing and flossing around the dental implant like they are normal teeth is important. Carefully flossing around the dental crown will make sure there is no trapped food or other debris. Brush the dental implant crown thoroughly — but gently. Make sure to keep regular dental appointments to ensure the health and strength of the implant and the crown.

A lifetime of natural-looking teeth

If you are tired of having a smile that is marked with missing teeth, you can consult with your dentist. The dentist will help determine if dental implant crowns are the right solution for you. Taking care of your implants and crowns means having a natural-looking smile that can last for years.

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