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ClearCorrect® is a tooth-straightening technique that uses clear aligners instead of conventional braces. ClearCorrect straightens teeth with a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually move teeth a little bit at a time, eventually shifting the teeth and smile to elicit a new, revitalized look similar to other clear aligner brands. The aligners are custom-made for your teeth

Getting ClearCorrect braces

Your dentist sends your records, including impressions, photos, and radiographs (as well as a prescription for your custom-made aligners) to the ClearCorrect laboratory, where the technicians will produce an accurate 3D model of your teeth. The dental team will then create a detailed treatment plan that shows how the teeth will be gradually realigned from their current position to where the dentist wants them to be.

Following treatment planning, patients can examine the “treatment set-up,” a digital depiction of the teeth before and after treatment. Patients will also get an email with their treatment plan, and they will have to approve it or request any changes. Custom aligners are then manufactured with computer accuracy using the most up-to-date digital mapping and molding technologies. The production of the clear aligners takes a few weeks to complete, after which the patient will return to get the trays and usage instructions.

How ClearCorrect works

The ClearCorrect procedure involves four stages of aligner therapy. Each step necessitates wearing a fresh set of aligners for three weeks. The timeframe between the stages ensures control and flexibility.

Except while eating and drinking, cleaning, and flossing, ClearCorrect aligners are worn all of the time. The aligners were created with aesthetics in mind, so they are hardly detectable and will not interfere with one’s regular activities.

Patients will notice the changes as their teeth gradually adapt and align to their ideal positions after wearing each pair of aligners. The dentist will need to regularly examine the patient to assess their progress and provide the next aligner set. This process will be repeated until the teeth have reached proper alignment.

The treatment timeline

Patients generally have to wear traditional braces for one to two years; however, with the introduction of sophisticated orthodontic treatments like ClearCorrect, treatment times have been reduced to anywhere between eight and fourteen months. However, it is crucial to remember that the specific timetable will be determined by factors such as the severity of the misalignment and the number of clear aligner sets required to correct the orthodontic difficulties. The dentist will provide this information during the initial consultation.

Unlike braces, each pair of aligners will be custom-fit to the patient’s dental structure, allowing the teeth to move all at once. This will provide quick and effective results while also keeping the smile healthy. Wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours each day is advised for optimal outcomes.

Consider aligners

After you visit your dentist for an initial consultation and determine that ClearCorrect treatment is suitable for you, they will create a personalized treatment timetable for you, including how often you will need to replace your aligners and return to their office for a progress check and new sets. The easiest method to determine how long ClearCorrect treatment will take is to see your dentist and have your misalignment assessed.

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