Dr. Nalini Kataria


Dr. Kataria is an experienced dentist driven by a simple goal: to be the source of someone's smile. Dentistry, for her, is the perfect blend of science and art, where she sculpts smiles and carves personalities. Her expertise lies in cosmetic dentistry, smile makeovers, and full mouth reconstructions.

What sets Dr. Kataria's practice apart is her unwavering commitment to excellence, backed by continuous education and cutting-edge technology. She stays ahead of the curve with tools like CBCT and lasers.

Dr. Nalini Kataria
Her favorite movie is The Matrix.
She loves pizza!
Her favorite sports team is the New England Patriots.
Dancing is her hobby! She competes and performs for fun.

Beyond dentistry, Dr. Kataria values the deep connections she forms with patients, often evolving into lasting friendships. Her dedication earned her the title of the most outstanding dentist of 2018 by the GDA. She's also an active member of the American Dental Association and the Georgia Dental Association.

Community-minded, Dr. Kataria volunteers at dental clinics and Free Dental Day events. Her patient care philosophy emphasizes empathy, prevention, and continuous learning.

Experience top-notch care in a comfortable setting at Dr. Kataria's practice. Inquire about her "comfort menu" to enhance your dental experience. Your smile is her canvas, and your happiness is her masterpiece.