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Ending up with a chipped tooth is common. Sports injuries, fights, falls, accidents, and biting hard foods often cause this type of dental damage. Chipping of the front tooth can be annoying and embarrassing at the same time. Restoring the tooth can help bring back your self-image. If you want to find out the available restorative options for a chipped tooth, here are the details.

Porcelain veneers

These thin porcelain shells can hide a chipped tooth. Porcelain veneers are durable and stain-resistant. That is why veneers are popular solutions to this dental issue. The dentist will choose the right shade of shells for the patient’s teeth. Then, the dentist will prepare the tooth by cleaning it first. Treating any cavity will come next.

The dentist will then roughen the surface with an etching gel or solution. This will ensure a strong bond between the veneers and the tooth. Cementing the shells to the front surface of the tooth will come next. A curing light will make the adhesion firm. Then the dentist will shape the tooth and polish it. This will make the treated tooth blend with the neighboring teeth.

Dental crown

Crowns or caps can cover large chips on the top of the tooth. These restorations can cover the exposed damaged part of the tooth. The dentist will shave off some of the healthy teeth. This will make the crown fit over the tooth.

A large chip with a deep crack reaching the pulp will need more than a crown. The dentist will perform a root canal treatment. Cleaning out and disinfecting the pulp will follow. Then, the dentist will fill the dental space with gutta-percha. This treatment will leave the tooth weak.

The crown will improve the appearance of the tooth. It will also provide strength to the biting power of the tooth. This restoration will also protect the tooth from future damage. Traditional crowns will take weeks to get from the dental lab. But some clinics provide dental crowns in one visit. This is through 3D printing technology.

Dental filling

This can fill the area where the chipping happened. The chipped tooth may leave an indention in the tooth. This will need a dental filling. The dentist will apply a colored composite resin filling to the damaged area.

Dental bonding

The dentist can also apply a tooth-colored dental bonding material over the chipped tooth. Cleaning and etching the tooth must happen first. Then, the dentist will adhere the bonding material to the prepared tooth. Hardening the bonding will happen with a curing light. The dentist will shape and polish the tooth. This will make the treated tooth look like the surrounding teeth.

Restoring a chipped tooth

A chipped tooth needs treatment right away to avoid complications. This injury weakens the enamel layer. It also makes the dentin prone to damage. The dentist will reinforce the tooth. This will then restore the tooth’s appearance and function.

Treating a chipped tooth is an urgent matter

Your dentist will check your chipped tooth. This thorough checking will determine which restorative option will fit your needs. It may be a simple treatment or a complicated one. Either way, the restoration will bring back your chipped tooth’s appearance and function.

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