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At Marietta Roswell Dental Care, we understand how traumatic tooth loss can be. We also realize the critical nature of replacing teeth quickly with a secure and durable solution. We can offer you both and encourage you to call (770) 538-1148 to learn more about our solutions. As a Roswell dentist office, we use modern and innovative treatments to help give you back the full functionality and appearance of your smile. One of these is TeethXpress®.


Tooth Loss is Incredibly Common

For millions of people around the world losing their teeth can be incredibly traumatic. Still, most people do not realize how important teeth actually are. When you lose your teeth, you begin to realize that you use them for more than just eating. Aside from the basic function of chewing, your teeth are also used in other important functions like a proper pronunciation of words and the ability to smile brightly for photographs. After tooth loss these functions become incredibly hard and people start to look for solutions. This is where TeethXpress® comes in.

Better than Dentures


The concept of tooth replacement hasn’t evolved much since it first began. Even today, we are still using messy adhesives to bind dentures in the mouth when they become loose. This is to prevent them from falling out at the most inopportune moments. The reality, however, is that patients may not want to struggle with loose or ill-fitting dentures. Luckily there is a solution with the advent of dental implants. Now, replacing teeth has become more of a science. The exciting news is that with TeethXpress®, we are taking dental implants to a whole new level.

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Modern Science

It is truly an exciting time in the world of dental implants. With the advent of TeethXpress® as an immediate load solution, you can now visit our Roswell dentist to have a personalized treatment plan created just for you. Then, at Marietta Roswell Dental Care, we can schedule your procedure right away. During the procedure, we will install 4 to 6 implants surgically. In this way, the process begins much the same way as it would when receiving a standard dental implant. We will secure a titanium post to your jaw and then attach your dentures to the posts.

The difference is that since TeethXpress® is an immediate load solution, the procedure typically takes one day and is normally done under local anesthesia. We will then either use your existing dentures or a new set created prior to the procedure. By simply attaching them to the implants, we are giving you a beautiful and complete smile that will remain securely in place. You can walk out of our office in one day with brand-new implants in the form of the TeethExpress® solution. This gives you the opportunity to have fantastic new teeth that look and feel exactly like your natural teeth without having to wait for weeks and weeks and without going through painful procedures.
TeethExpress® solution


What is TeethXpress®?
This is a way to fully replace your teeth. It combines the ease and convenience of a full set of dentures with the durability and security of dental implants. However, this is an immediate load solution so our Roswell patients can receive their replacement teeth much faster than if they came in for individual dental implants.
Is TeethXpress® Right for Me?
This is the right procedure for anyone who has lost teeth and wants to replace them with teeth that look, feel, and act exactly like you’re natural teeth. The important thing to note is that with TeethXpress® you are getting teeth that are almost identical to your real teeth. Since the procedure can be completed much faster than giving you a full set of dental implants, it is also more affordable – something our patients tend to appreciate.
Many of our patients also want to know how long it takes to recover after the procedure. At Marietta Roswell Dental Care, we believe that one of the amazing things about this solution is that it can typically be placed in a single day and done under local anesthesia. This means that you will not have a long recovery time, nor will you have to wait for hours at our dentist office while your teeth get better. There is going to be some discomfort from the TeethExpress® procedure but it is usually minor and temporary. We may prescribe some painkillers but most of the time the discomfort can be managed with ibuprofen and an icepack. We also recommend that you eat a soft diet during the initial healing phase which often lasts about 2 weeks.
Who Can Benefit from Replacement Teeth?
There are over 35 million Americans that do not have any teeth at all, while a hundred and seventy eight million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth and these numbers are expected to grow over the next two decades. TeethExpress® can help anyone that has lost all of their teeth in an accident, or due to decay or disease, regardless of their age. Even if you are wearing dentures currently, with this solution, you will never have to deal with messy adhesives again.
What You Should Know ?

If you have lost your teeth and are looking for a secure solution to replace them, you should know that TeethExpress® is the most modern and scientifically advanced way to do so. This solution can give you back the functionality of your teeth, in addition to the appearance of them. This can be helpful if you –

  • Have a hard time chewing some of your food
  • Are tired of wearing loose fitting dentures
  • Want to look like you have a full set of healthy teeth and
  • Need a solution that is more affordable than traditional dental implants

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about TeethXpress® or to start the journey of replacing your dentures, call 770-538-1148 and schedule an appointment with our Roswell, GA dental office. At Marietta Roswell Dental Care, we can restore your smile, give you back your confidence and the ability to enjoy all of your favorite foods again.

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