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Some people may discount early orthodontic treatment, but this approach can be effective for your child. Starting orthodontic work at a young age can give the child a beautiful smile as they enter the teen years. There are various options to straighten teeth and correct other options. As a parent, you can be proactive about starting this care.

Understanding what a family dentist does

This dental professional helps patients to correct facial dysfunctions. The family dentist can treat people who have crooked teeth, misaligned jaws and bite abnormalities. The family dentist has the training to properly diagnose conditions. The dentist can also repair mild, moderate and serious facial and jaw problems. The family dentist can work with patients in a wide age range, from childhood through late adulthood.

Getting early orthodontic treatment can identify key concerns

By taking children to the dentist’s office at a young age, the family dentist can spot problems early. Waiting too long can result in a painful jaw and tooth development for patients. This may also lead to longer, more extensive treatment. By seeing patients as young as age 7, family dentists can begin planning early how to most effectively treat the children.

Makes room for permanent teeth

Some parents wonder why they should bring their kids to the family dentist for early orthodontic treatment. After all, kids this age have not lost every baby tooth. An advantage of starting care by age 7 is that this approach can clear more space in the mouth for emerging permanent teeth. If there is not enough room for these teeth to come in, the teeth could erupt at abnormal angles. This could cause pain and create aesthetic challenges. To correct this problem, the family dentist can place spacers in the patient’s mouth.

Establishes good habits

When kids begin early orthodontic treatment, young patients may more likely care for their teeth. Kids with braces or other appliances may take oral health more seriously. This can lead to good brushing and flossing habits. These patterns can continue throughout the person’s life into adulthood.

Eliminates some of the teenage awkwardness

There is no question that adolescence can be challenging for many kids. At this age, boys and girls are more self-conscious about their appearance. Adding metal braces, retainers or other orthodontic work at this age can hinder a teen’s self-esteem. When parents choose early orthodontic treatment, this may already be over. By the time the child reaches the teen years, they may already have straight teeth and a gorgeous smile.

Now could be the right time to start treatment

You should not have to wait until your child enters high school to start orthodontic work. If your son or daughter is around the age of 7, visit a family dentist near you. This dental professional can check your child’s jaw and bite. This will help to determine the right treatment plan. If you have concerns about orthodontic treatment, the family dentist can help. Your child deserves to have straight teeth, so get serious about this care now.

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