How Can Gum Disease Affect Your Oral Health

Here at our dental practice, we help our patients prevent gum disease through good oral hygiene practices and regular dental cleanings.

Will a Chipped Tooth Heal on Its Own?

If a chipped tooth occurs, then you should quickly assess the severity, rinse your mouth to prevent infection, and see the dentist as soon as possible if the chip is severe.

Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Dental Crowns

The placement process for same-day crowns and traditional crowns is non-invasive.

What to do When a Broken Tooth Does Not Hurt

If you have a broken tooth that does not hurt, there are at-home care techniques you can use to prevent painful symptoms from developing.

Fix a Chipped Tooth With a Dental Veneer

When you have a chipped tooth, a dental veneer is a quick way to repair it. Chipping your tooth can happen at any time. If it happens to you and the chip is big, a trip to the dentist is … Continued

How Can an Invisalign® Dentist Help Me?

Patients often report an increased level of confidence after going through Invisalign treatment with an Invisalign® dentist.

Why Is Fluoride Important for My Teeth?

Read about the impact fluoride can have on your teeth and overall oral health. Discuss with your dentist why you should have a fluoride treatment.

What Is Halitosis?

Halitosis is an oral condition that causes the breath to smell bad. It is usually caused by poor oral hygiene and can also be caused by other health problems. In a lot of cases, the condition can be made worse … Continued

Should You Choose Denture Implants or Dentures? A Dentist Answers

Denture implants are a good option for replacing many missing teeth. Dental implants will replace your lost teeth as well as some of the roots.

Why Oral Cancer Screenings Are Essential for Tobacco Users

Oral cancer screening may involve looking for cancer even before you have any symptoms.